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Industry News
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  • 来源: MW Associates
  • 日期: 2022-09-22
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Isaiah Smith New Regional Sales Manager for BTU
NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., September 21, 2022 — BTU International, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment for the electronics manufacturing market, is pleased to announce the appointment of Isaiah Smith as its new regional sales manager. Based out of New England, he will cover the central US, as well as Canada.

With more than a decade of related experience Smith brings to the job the unique perspective of having been a BTU customer in a past role where he had responsibility for the multiple SMT lines as a process engineer. In the past several years Isaiah has held sales roles for related SMT process equipment including, printers and inspection with ITW EAE and Koh Young America.

“Coming from a process engineering role I would only sell equipment that I would select for my own line,” said Smith. “I have to truly believe in the quality and performance of the tool, and BTU’s products most certainly exceed those criteria by far.”

BTU International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amtech Group (NASDAQ: ASYS), is a global supplier and technology leader of advanced thermal processing equipment in the electronics manufacturing market. BTU’s high-performance reflow ovens are used in the production of SMT printed circuit board assemblies and in semiconductor packaging processes. BTU also specializes in precision controlled, high-temperature belt furnaces for a wide range of custom applications, such as brazing, direct bond copper (DBC), diffusion, sintering and advanced solar cell processing. BTU has operations in North Billerica, Massachusetts, and Shanghai, China, with direct sales and service in the U.S.A., Asia and Europe. Information about BTU International is available at www.btu.com.

Isaiah Smith担任BTU新的区域销售经理
2022年9月21日,马萨诸塞州北比勒卡--为电子制造市场提供先进热加工设备的领先供应商BTU国际公司欣然宣布任命Isaiah Smith为其新的区域销售经理。他将在新英格兰地区工作,负责美国中部地区以及加拿大。
史密斯拥有超过十年的相关经验,他曾是BTU的客户,作为一名工艺工程师负责多条SMT生产线,这为他的工作带来了独特的视角。 在过去的几年里,Isaiah担任过相关SMT工艺设备的销售角色,包括ITW EAE和Koh Young America的打印机和检测。
BTU国际是Amtech集团(纳斯达克:ASYS)的全资子公司,是电子制造市场先进热加工设备的全球供应商和技术领导者。 BTU的高性能回流炉被用于SMT印刷电路板组件的生产和半导体封装工艺中。BTU还专门生产精密控制的高温带式炉,用于广泛的定制应用,如钎焊、直接结合铜(DBC)、扩散、烧结和先进的太阳能电池加工。BTU在马萨诸塞州的北比勒里卡和中国上海设有办事处,在美国、亚洲和欧洲有直接销售和服务。有关BTU国际公司的信息,请访问www.btu.com。

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